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Ontwerp voor Museon gereed - juli 2020

De 17 doelstellingen inzake duurzame ontwikkeling, beter bekend als de ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ van de Verenigde Naties onder de aandacht gebracht door het Museon.


Museon vertelt:

The action-oriented exhibition One Planet at the Museon shows that the great global issues facing mankind really can be solved. One Planet fulfils the Museon’s UN-approved role of pioneering and inciting action to achieve the United Nations’ 17  Sustainable Development Goals. The exhibition showcases inspiring ways of ensuring the equitable distribution of food, water, and energy and the acceptance of human diversity. Members of the public are welcome to visit it to seek inspiration, contribute their ideas and proceed to action.

You are looking at the patented multifunctional triangular columns from Softs. (logo’s partners) These Softs triangular columns can be used for various purposes, in this case:

•             Providing the Museon with solar energy by virtue of solar panels

•             Accommodating space for information or advertisements via communication panels

•             Reduction of particulate matter with help of our ‘green panels’.

These triangular shapes are sponsored by ‘Bank Nederlandse Gemeente (BNG)’ and ‘Diepenhorst, de Vos en Partners (DVP)’. The sponsorships provide Museon with access to Photo Voltaic (solar) panels, by covering the costs of up to 400m2 of solar panels in 5 years. Subsequently, the reduction of the energy bill due to the solar panels, provide Museon with a budget for improving the sustainability of its buildings.