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Green Boarding Project

Softs has developed the multifunctional Green Boarding especially for outdoor sports clubs. Multifunctional due to its rotating function and three sides. Each side has its own sustainable function. The Green Boarding is realized with new and existing sponsors.

Green Boarding Project by Softs

A Green Boarding realizes sustainable communication, generates solar energy and, for example, reduces fine dust.

With a Green Boarding you as a sports club can take care of sustainability. Good for the environment and the clubhouse. After all, less budget for the energy bill means more budget for the sport.


The Green Boarding can be realized together with existing sponsors and new sponsors who want to work on their own sustainability in a unique way.

The Green Boarding achieves various sustainable benefits for all parties.

Voordelen voor de sponsoren

  1.  Use 100% of the social impact
  2.  Linking one's own sustainability to the sustainability of the sport
  3. A direct reduction in the energy bill
  4. Achieving the CO2 reduction target
  5. Visible on "fixed" panels and on the dynamic LED panels
  6. Range: direct to the field, social and own reporting
  7. Direct contact / interaction with community possible
  8. Combination of sponsoring policy with CSR objectives
  9. Use in your own PR in the context of social return

The model

The Softs model starts with a Green Boarding, in addition solar panels are made available. The model realizes a sustainability budget for the sports club.

Green Boarding

A Green Boarding is rented for 5 years and can be realized together with new and existing sponsors.

The Green Boarding is placed along outdoor sports fields and here extends the function of the existing boarding with three additional functions.

Solar Panels

In addition to a Green Boarding, around 300 m² of solar panels are made available. These are placed on the roof of the sports club. If there is no room there, then with third parties.

The club pays a competitive rate for the use of the solar panels, which means that the energy bill is immediately lowered.

Sustainability budget

The proceeds for the use of the solar panels are then put in a 'piggy bank' for the club.

This 'piggy bank' is used by the club itself for further sustainability measures, such as LED lighting, insulation, etc. This will accelerate sustainability and give the club more financial options.

Benefits for the sports club

  1. Up to € 75,000 budget for sustainability.
  2. Access to solar panels without investing yourself.
  3. A direct reduction in the energy bill.
  4. Better and sustainable commitment to companies.
  5. Less dependent on governments.
  6. Structurally more budget for core tasks.
  7. LED screen for dynamic, flexible and current communication.


Every Green Boarding is equipped with an LED screen. On this LED screen, companies can spread their sustainable message against payment. This can be done per time unit or at specific moments. With this, the club can generate an extra source of income for the sustainability and the club fund in addition to the € 75,000 sustainability budget.

Green Boarding Netwerk

For advertisers, advertising on an LED screen is dynamic, flexible and current.

The Green Boardings can be linked to each other on the Smartloop online platform and thus form a Green Boarding Network. In this way, the sustainable message is visible at multiple locations.

Green Boardings earn themselves back

Green Boardings require a budget, but no extra budget. Green Boardings provide revenues such as CO2 compensation, Social Impact value, communication value, the sports image gets an extra sustainable dimension and the commercial value with the community.

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