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The exploitation of all communication options at Softs Points is realized by Fingerz. Communicating at Softs Points is the most sustainable and "social" way of outdoor communication.

Ads to society

The communication-euro at a Softs Point largely benefits the sustainability of social organizations. A Softs Point is so an impactful medium for a striking message and direct funding for making our society more sustainable. We call that 'ads to society'.


The network off Softs Points is expanding and with it the possibility to communicate on this. Softs Points have multiple forms and therefore a very diverse "umfeld" to communicate. Next to the road, on a building, next to the field or in a mobile variant. The medium is the message. Every communication message has a sustainability character through the Softs Points medium.

LED application

Most Softs Points will be equipped with an LED application. This makes the communication message even more dynamic and can be used "programmatically" soon. "Steady" application can also be done through "labeling" of the Softs Point. Fingerz can also contribute to unique "one-offs" in which the Softs Points are used for creative spectaculars.