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With Softs, companies give a sustainable interpretation to their objectives in terms of social engagement, sustainability and communication. Softs offers the possibility to accelerate with existing budgets for communication, sponsorship and energy in sustainability with social impact and at the same time to achieve a major commercial advantage over the competition.

Sustainable interpretation

With Softs you can give a sustainable and tangible interpretation to your CSR objectives, such as SROI and CO2 compensation. You can also communicate sustainably in an impactful manner. social organizations also benefit. They receive a budget for sustainability measures and thereby reduce their energy bill.

The six promises from Softs to companies

  1. Striking and interactive signing and communication of CSR messages.
  2. Up to € 100,000 available for making social organizations more sustainable.
  3. Social Return (SROI) and locally the most compensated CO2 value per invested euro.
  4. Sustainability with self-generated solar energy, without direct investment in solar panels.
  5. Support with tenders and customer relationships, or competitive advantage.
  6. Investment with pre-existing marketing, sponsorship and / or energy expenditures.

The model

The Softs model starts with a Softs Point, in addition solar panels are made available. The model realizes a sustainability budget for a social organization.

Softs Point

A Softs Point is rented for 5 years.

The Softs Points are realized at a location desirable for the tenant. This can be in facades of buildings, boarding, road screens or other urban surfaces. For companies, the Softs Points realize sustainable communication, CO₂ compensation, 15 years of sustainable interaction with your target group and give substance to SROI.

Solar Panels

In addition to a Softs Point, 54,000 Wp of solar panels are made available. That is around 400 m² of roof space in five years. These are placed in a suitable location in consultation with the tenant of the Softs Point.

The energy that comes from the solar panels is offered at an attractive rate. The proceeds are sponsored by social organizations for sustainability.

In short: tenants are assured of the greenest electricity at a very attractive rate and social organizations have a sustainability budget.

Sustainability budget

The yield from the solar panels is the sustainability budget of the social organization.

A Softs Point realizes a "sustainability budget" of up to € 100,000 for social organizations in education, health, sports, culture and welfare and for charities or projects.

The sustainability budget allows social organizations to lower their energy bill, which in time will create more spending scope for core tasks.

Value companies

Companies receive 50 m2 of outdoor communication, on which they can communicate sustainably in an impactful way.

In addition to the communication value, a Softs Point also represents a certain Social Return Value. For example, a Softs Point gives substance to SROI, for the benefit of the Participation Act, CSR projects and annual reports.

In addition, a Softs Point represents a CO2 value of at least 750 tonnes of CO2 reduction and a GoO value of at least 54,000 Wp of green energy.

Each Softs Point represents a CSR value. social organizations are provided with a 'sponsor budget', with which they can implement sustainability measures.

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