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Why Softs

The world must be made more sustainable. The pressure is high at companies, governments and social organizations. Many organizations have the necessity and the plans, but too little has been taken into account financially. The budgets are missing. With Surface of things (Softs) sustainability budget is created by making optimal use of the urban surface by using the multifunctional.

Everyone wins

In addition, a budget is created for sustainability measures by social organizations, leaving more budget for the core tasks. In short, everyone wins: social organizations, commercial organizations, municipalities and our planet.

Urban surface in motion

Where urban surfaces usually stand still and only have one application, a Softs Point sets urban surfaces in motion. A Softs Point has three sides. With this, a Softs Points realizes sustainable communication, solar energy is generated and, for example, fine dust is reduced.

Softs Point

When the sun shines, the Softs Points generate clean energy. When it is cloudy, they turn around and filter the air. But the Softs Points can also form a buffer for rainwater, form a green wall, store energy and be used for impactful, sustainable communication.

Green Boarding Project by Softs

Softs has developed a Green Boarding especially for outdoor sports clubs. A Green Boarding has two other functions in addition to the communication function.

This makes the boarding multifunctional and the boarding helps social organizations budget for sustainability.

Green Boarding Project

The model

The Softs model starts with a Softs Point, in addition solar panels are made available. Moreover, the model realizes a sustainability budget for social organizations.

Softs Point

Softs Point

Softs Points are multifunctional power plants that are integrated into facades of buildings, road screens, boarding along sports fields or in other urban areas. The Softs Points can also be placed freestanding.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

In addition to a Softs Point, the tenant also has access to solar panels. This is around 400 m2 of roof space in five years. The proceeds from the solar panels are sponsored by social organizations for sustainability purposes.

Sustainability budget

Sustainability budget

The Softs Point and the solar panels provide a sustainability budget for social organizations, with which the necessary sustainability measures can be realized. This leaves more budget for core tasks.

Who is Softs for?

Softs is financially and socially relevant for companies, social organizations and municipalities. They can give substance to their sustainability in a very impactful way.


communicate sustainably, receive locally generated solar energy and compensate CO2 emissions at a fixed low price.

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Social organizations

start impactful sustainability projects and receive a sustainability budget of up to € 100,000 per project.

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 accelerate the sustainability of social real estate and the living environment without having to invest.

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Together with various companies, social organizations and municipalities, Softs is working on making the world more sustainable. Are you curious about the different parties with which Softs is already cooperating and the projects that have already been realized? Then view our reference page.

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Who is Softs

Softs is a social enterprise with a disruptive business model. Working with Softs means: an acceleration of the energy transition.


Softs has since 2009 focused on designing and developing new technologies and business models, with the aim of accelerating the realization of (1) solar energy and energy-saving measures for buildings; and (2) infrastructure for cities that are prepared for the effects of climate change.


Everything that Softs does is based on economic grounds. We are convinced that subsidies and / or legislation do not offer sufficient solutions for this.

We do believe in the people who, like us, really want to achieve this in the short term and in the economic strength of a local community!


Softs develops and exploits Softs Points and facilitates social institutions with a budget to help them make their buildings more sustainable.


The exploitation of all communication options at Softs Points is realized by Fingerz.

Communicating at Softs Points is the most sustainable and "social" way of outdoor communication

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Who makes it possible

Softs has retained various strategic partners during the development process. Together with Softs, they are committed to making the world more sustainable.

Join us

Are you also interested in Softs and the possibilities? Contact us by e-mail or start a chat conversation with one of our employees.

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